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Time to get busy again August 3, 2010

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I have wasted about as much time as one could imagine so…. its time to get started putting thoughts into the old keyboard. I am going to start and type create once again some factual and some fiction, Who’ll know what is fact or fiction? Only those that were directly involved at the time. Then again some of it could just be thoughts in the old guy’s mind.
First of all a lot of my closest know I just changed jobs or should I say teams.
A few months ago I stood behind the counter waiting on a little old man. I would say maybe in his late 70’s possibly early 80’s. He came in and asked if I’d be kind enough to price him some parts for his old car. I said sure, what are we driving today? He said I may not of had heard of it but it was a Ford Falcon.
My face lit up as I sold me very own Falcon to help finance my move from Charlotte. I said well lets go out and look at this fine car. If I remember right this old fellow told me he had bought it when it was new. It was a 1967 Falcon in pretty worn but decent shape. I admired it and told him what respect I had for him driving such a prestigious automobile.
We went back inside and I looked up all of his tune up parts and discounted each as I did trying my best to fit it all in his budget. He told me he still worked at the local Food Lion bagging groceries. Soon after totaling up the order he asked that I take the plu wires off the order as it was just a little over what he had to spend.
In the next work space one of my fellow work buddies was waiting on an order for an older african american lady. I heard her ask the counter guy waiting on her to ask me how much the wires cost.
Instead of asking me he scanned the upc and told her the price. She told him to please add them to her order. I thought that sounded strange as she did not know if they would work on her car and in the split second I thought that I felt the warmest glow come over my face. She paid for her order and asked my partner to install her wiper blades. She then turned to my dear old customer and held out her newly purchased wire set asking the little old man to accept her gift.
A huge smile came across the old man’s face and he told the woman thank you.
I smiled at the woman and felt a tear starting to stream down my cheek with her generous gesture.
After she walked out I asked my customer if he had given her special treatment once as he bagged her groceries. He looked at me and told me he had never met her.
I in turn walked outside to where she stood waiting on her wiper blades to be installed. I took her hand and gave her a whole hearted shake. I told this kind being thank you for restoring in me there were still good hearted thoughtful people in this world still.
To date I still enjoy talking with my elders and spending as much time as I can getting to know them. I ask that each of us set out after reading this and live by this wonderful woman’s act of kindness.