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Mother May 8, 2010

Posted by Glen in Uncategorized.

       Tomorrow marks a wonderful day for mothers around the world. Their children will make the calls and visits to talk with them and give them gifts and cards. Some of them will even prepare a meal in honor of all of the ones provided through the years giving mom the day off.

    For myself and countless of others in this world it will bring a tear of sorrow reminding us that our mothers have joined the hearafter and are awaiting us to come see them someday.

   I for one can say there were times I took my mom for granted and sometimes would go days maybe weeks without talking with her because I might of had a difference of opinion or just plain old let life get in the way and had no time with her. I can even remember 1 Christmas I went to see her long enough to eat dinner and hurried away leaving out of town to go to a job assignment and didn’t spend much time with her. Had I of known I’d only have one more Christmas with her I doubt I’d of left her side forever.

    If I could trade all of those bad decisions of holidays spent elsewhere and misbehavings for just a piece of lumber I’d surely build a stairway to heaven to spend your day with you Mom.

   Till that Blessed day happens, please know I Love You and Can Not Wait to See You Again.

 I Love You, and Happy Mother’s Day XXOO

 Your Simple Son



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