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8/19/69-8/19-2009 August 19, 2009

Posted by Glen in Uncategorized.

    My God its been 6 months to the day since I last posted. I promise to once again step back up on my soapbox and ranting a little more. I have been working long hours and dealing with an agrivated shoulder from a fall a while back.

   Tonight’s post deals with my siblings. Today Laura turns 40. Had Bobby still had been here (in body) he too would of had been. Duh there twins as I look into the mirror on that statement. When you two were young I remember all the things you guys dealt with. Both of you had a bad bout with strep throat as toddlers. I still remember seeing both of you with purple lips from whatever medicine our parents adminstered to yall.

   We went through so much growing up so dirt poor back in Dover. All the kids in the neighborhood made fun of us for being so poor. But its safe to say we overcame it all for the most part. My twin says I still wear the emotional scars from the “rough” times. Who knows I feel.

   At any rate…. Laura I love you and may our dearly departed little brother know he was on my mind much of the day.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Simple Man



1. Les Belles - November 23, 2009

My Brother. I too grew up in a large family and didn’t realize we were poor until I was almost 30. The “rough” times are what makes us who we are. We lived thru those times and over came those obstacles. We rarely remember the “good” times because we didn’t have to struggle. Tough times made us learn to cope with whatever life has to throw at us. We are better people for the struggle. A country boy can survive. Glad to have you and Lynn as a couple of best friends.

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