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20 Years Past February 19, 2009

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   On this day 20 years ago you became my first true angel. Bobby not a day passes without you in my thoughts. Tonight just a few minutes past 6pm you crossed the gates into heaven above and forever changed my life. May God rest your soul and be waiting for me at the moment I pass those same gates myself. If Milton makes it before me, please know he likes to be sang to using his namre in certain parts of the song and have him there waiting with you when I finally make it home.

    Bobby I love you and MISS YOU TERRIBLY. After all these years I want to say thank you for calling me that night to let me know you were indeed okay and had made it to heaven. I know many think I am crazy, but I KNOW it was you that made the call to comfort me as you could see I had never learned to cry as I did on that fateful night 20 years ago. At this very moment tears fill my eyes  as I type this as many times as they have before when I think of you and miss you.

   Rest in Peace little brother…..

   I love you..

 Your Big Brother “A Simple Man”