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Who moved my F’ing Cheese January 10, 2009

Posted by Glen in Uncategorized.

     I write this story this morning with many on the back burner already started and waiting to be finished. But this one is weighing heavy on my mind. So heavy I woke up to it and had planned on sleeping another 30 minutes but felt compelled to get up and write it down while I felt so strong about it.

   So as I always do while writing I put on some good “writing mood music” Todays pick is “Knights in white satin” truly good music.

   Today I will write this story about my most current event in hopes it may open some’s eyes to what makes this old Simple Man tick.

   A while back my twin sister Lynn called and was talking about events going on in her world in a different part of our fine state of North Carolina. She mentioned how she was so happy she had listened to me about getting out of our home town in Florida and finally making the move north.

    She mentioned a book “Who Moved My Cheese” I asked her about it finding the title to sound humorous to my ears. She went on to tell me parts about it. I found a deep burning inside me to want to own and read this very book.

     One of the gifts from my wife on our first anniversary was a copy of said book. I read this book from cover to cover in a matter of a little over an hour and to most it would seem a children’s book. But if you take its words in like sniffing fine cologne and hold it deeply and think, you’ll find in most cases you are living this story in some way or another.

    Case in point ………..

 I have now put on another favorite song to listen to Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend”.

     Over the past couple of months I have worked for a small Kawasaki/Polaris dealership and felt like the proverbial square peg in the round hole there. This “Simple Man” is always looking to better his life in some way or another and is in some cases always open to hear of ways to do so. A while back while in conversation with one of my fellow workers in the bathroom at still yet another job before the present one we were talking as we washed our hands about our mustangs and what not. He mentioned in passing about a new parts store opening up in our town and all>

    This very company I have follwed off and on over the years while living in Florida. I said “really, there now here” he said yeah. With that I left the wash room and proceeded to look up their number in hopes of speaking with someone about a possible position there.

    Unfortunately I was too late as all left were nights and weekend positions. I kindly declined but asked for the district manager’s name and phone number.

  Over a period of time I have met with the “DM” and talked some here and there but kept right on being the square peg in the round hole at my current job.

    With the economy going away from us not many people are buying new toys from this dealership, but plenty are being worked on which in a way was good for my department. The owner none the less was still a little, strike that and make it a LOT edgy about things. Sometimes seeming to make moves of desperation to try and drum up business with no luck. I truly felt bad for him no matter how many times I felt belittled by his statements to us as a group.

   The other day I met with the “DM” in the evning and he offered me a great package to start at this parts company. So good I felt the need to pinch myself as it sounded so good. I glady accepted and then realized how once again I had to go and give yet another notice I was to leave and once again to those that don’t understand my cheese being moved that I was soon to follow it.

    Well yesterday was my day to sound off that I was off to follow my cheese in 2 short weeks. The owner came in to sign and pass out checks. I received mine as well as some others with the exception of 2 of the guys I work with. “Why on earth was he holding their checks” I thought. Then realized he was about to do something with these guys. The first guy had been called in, a young school boy that worked a couple of hours after school and on saturdays. I could do nothing to stop whatever was his fate as I had no way of getting in front of the line quickly enough. But by golly I was going to with the other. It was said he was going to dramatically cut his hours therefore making it hard for this fellow to meet his obligations in life. I told this one to go in the back and make himself scarce as I was going in next to handle my business first.

     Sure enough I walked in to the owner’s office to find the other fellow’s check sitting there awaiting him to come in and meet whatever was his fate.

    I told the owner how I was sorry but felt the need to put in a 2 week notice as I was going back to my old line of work where I felt more comfortable. I thanked him for the opportunity of learning more about the 2 wheeled world than I had ever known but yet I felt as if I had failed him by not knowing enough. I could of had easily told him how I and everyone else there thought he was the biggest dick walking the face of this earth, but decided I may one day want to buy one his motorcycles and besides “The Simple Man” doesn’t roll like that.

    What happened next was great, we shook hands and he took the other fellow’s check out and handed it to him as if nothing was about to happen and went on his merry way.

  The moral of this story is plain and simple…

    We all should at times study our surroundings whether its our job or our relationship with another or ourself and learn to move with it to keep it from going stale. While doing so dance like you never have before and don’t worry who’s watching you and laughing. As well don’t take too seriously of whom is talking about your moving with your cheese as they don’t walk the miles in your shoes, YOU DO!

   And for Christ Sakes, if this whole story confused you, go down to Barnes and Nobles and put down your $20 and buy the book so you too can find inner happiness.

 “Words of a Simple Man”



1. pam - March 3, 2009

It’s very wise not to burn the bridges that you cross because you never know where the road ahead may lead. I’m sure that guy would be very grateful if he knew what you did for him (what company from FL?) and I’m gonna go get that book and read it.

P.S. Can’t believe it’s already been a year, congrats!

2. Les Belles - November 23, 2009

I never read the book, or heard about it. You can guess the next time I’m at the book store, I’ll check it out and pick up a copy.

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