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Happy Birthday Mom December 22, 2008

Posted by Glen in Uncategorized.

        Not a day goes by I don’t think about you Mom. I will not say you were the perfect mom nor will I say I was the perfect son. But we were perfect for each other.

      So many times you made me go out to break a switch for one of the many whippings that I so deserved. I feel that was the worse part of the whipping, choosing my own weapon to be used upon me. But you were just doing as you felt right. Mom I truly miss you and if I could, I’d break off a switch today at this very moment if it would bring you back or bring me back to a time so long ago so as to be a better young boy for which you to call her son.

    Am I bitter for my younger years? No maam not at all. I feel you molded me into being a good God fearing law abiding (most of the time) man.

    You would at times say “wait till your daddy gets home to deal with you” and for some reason that would never happen. You shielded me from those times that you knew I had loaned my car out and it was wrecked by someone else (knowing my punishment would be worse for merely loaning my own car) and told him I had an accident trying to miss hitting an animal.

    You loved every young lady I met and dated till something went wrong and then comforted me by saying “she was never good enough for you” You were the one I’d call when sick to ask your recipe for potato soup and you’d say “whats wrong Bubba are you sick” and then not give me the recipe, yet come make it for me.

    Mom I can not say enough about how bad I miss you. But I will go on record as saying this. You were the best mother a guy could ask for. And I tried my best to be the best son a mother could ask for.

Happy Birthday Mom….

I Love and Miss You…Till we meet again beyond Heaven’s Gates…

   Your Son



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