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Happy Thanksgiving to all November 27, 2008

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       Its now a quarter to 5 and all that was to happen has indeed happened. My twin sister Lynn made the 90 minute drive down to our house on wednesday night.

     We hugged and said how nice it was to see each other. Milton was wagging his little nub of a tail upon seeing her pull up in her Miata instead of barking some lunatic of a jack russell that we know him to be.

    After she and he playing a bit, she, Maria and I all load up in my Ford Explorer to go out to dinner hoping to find someone open on the eve of thanksgiving. We end up at O’Charleys and enjoy a nice dinner.

    Afterwards we come back and sit and chit chat some and amuse one another talking over the latest happenings as well as old times past before turning in for the night after a long day of both work and travel as well.

     This morning I got up around 6:45 and put on the coffee and started making breakfast consisting of crescent rolls wrapped around some fried bacon and colby cheese strips then baked while I fried up some potato and onion home fries. We all sat around the table talking while enjoying both good food and company likewise.

   We talked about a lot and about missing those in our lives that are no longer here. I picked at Lynn about some of her past dates she had been on.

   Deep down I really missed my other siblings and their families that could not make it for one reason or another. Maybe next year will bring us all together once again.

    All morning we took our turns in the kitchen making the dishes we each planned on having for dinner. Maria made her famous Pecan pies and delicious no bake cookies on tuesday evening so she had the morning off, but helped us out just the same. Lynn was first up after breakfast with the turkey. Then I peeled the potatoes and got them off to boil. Lynn came in and started the greenbean casserole and I then went and added the butter, garlic, and sour creme to my potatoes and whipped them all up.

    We all went next door with our creations to Maria’s parents house and met with her brother Paul and had dinner. Ma had made a very nice ham, sweet potatoes, salad, brussel sprouts, and zimaropita (sort of greek cornbread quishe) and we all enjoyed a great dinner. Lynn also had prepared a red velvet cake that was on the dessert table as well.

   In between lunch and dessert, Paul and I sat in front of the tv with the detroit lions getting their lights knocked out by the tenessee titans. Paul and Lynn sat and looked at the sales ads while I napped like a full grizzly bear. I could hear them talking some but chose to stay semi comatose just picking up on the highlights of their conversation.

   We sat and ate dessert and afterwards it was time for Lynn to make her way back to Cary.

  Here I sit writing this post thinking over the previous 46 thanksgiving afternoons and what I have done on those occasions. Thank you to the good Lord above for all the beautiful occasions….



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