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Some of this and a lot of that November 23, 2008

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      Lately a lot has been going on in this Ol’ Simple Man’s life.

   Where do I start? The latest I suppose… I’m still getting over a bout of stomach problems. I woke up friday morning with a tightness in my mid section. I tried eating something for breakfast and gave up seeing I was taking a turn for the worse. Funny the coffee made me feel okay so I had a few cups of that. While getting dressed for the “job from hell” (more on that in a bit) I made sure to wear my loosest slacks and no belt. They were so loose I was afraid at any moment they might fall off me.

    I went on into work and didn’t eat anything nor drink anything. I went to deposit my paycheck around 1ish and sat in line at the drive up teller for atleast 15 minutes. Funny thing with Wachovia Banks They’ll have 2 lanes open with only 1 teller working them. That just does not make sense to me. I got a call a while back from Wachovia during their “Customer Pride Week” and they had the nerve to ask me what I thought about their service…I told them straight up how I felt it was bad business to make a fellow spend 15 or more minutes of his lunch hour for them to do their job. By golly they came up with an excuse that they had an employee out on maternity leave and it would not happen again. I suppose thats whats happened at all the other branches I have frequented over the years as well.

   Anhow I got back and felt as if I had to go purge in the bathroom. Upon producing nothing but a dry heave I was down for the count. I had to leave as the pain was very severe. I believe all this is part of my gastric bypass operation I had back in 02. What happens is this.. I start to feel sickly and bloated around my belt line. After a while on the right side of my scar I see a bulge appear and know what the problem is right away. Solving it is not an easy task. What is happening is I have a large gas bubble building up in my stomach I need to go break wind, only problem is it won’t do it. Laugh if you must but I promise you I hope you never have this issue. It hurts so badly you cannot lay down. You get very bad chills and must sit in a chair and lean back some. I have found my desk chair here at the computer does good as long as I can prop my feet up on the coffee table next to it. I have spent a many a night in my old chair this is a new one I got for my birthday and it seems to be as comfortable as well.

    After 7 hours of this excruciating pain you pass out from the pain and awaken later to feel better. Although it is better, your stomach isn’t right for several days afterwards.

   Next up is this job I have taken as of recently. I interviewed with the owner a couple of months ago and man did he make it all seem so good. His favorite phrase was “you’ll be the big fish in the little pond here” Well so much for that.

   He was a very nice guy doing the hiring, working for him is a totally different story. He comes in and attacks you on the spot on a daily basis. The other day his wife had a baby, he had hoped for a little girl being he had 2 boys previously. Well she had a third little boy, he seemed to be bent about thefact he didn’t get a girl. I was appalled by his actions. To show you how he is, I told him that was a cute youngin in the pcture he proudly? put up on the counter. What was his response you wonder “yeah” he sort of said it in just a passing manner.  Sort of like “yeah right”

   Also they’re are 4 smokers working in this place of business. All of them feel its their worldly duty to light up at once (within a closed building mind you) and puff away. I’ll be the first to say I don’t have a problem with a person who smokes, but coming home smelling of a bingo palace I do have a problem. The book keeper there told them she hated the thought of the second hand smoke killing her, one of their responses was they did too, thats why they were enjoying the firsthand smoke.  With that it brings out another problem. I have hacked and hacked over and over dealing with the “bar room quality air at my job” to the point that now when I cough it hurst around my rib area. Apparantly I must have bruised my rib muscle area from coughing so much.

    The book keeper at work refers to our boss as the devil and I have to agree with her as he seems it and so does his smokey building I must try and earn a living in. I have an ace in my back pocket of still yet another job in the not so distant future, so in essence I have a knot at the end of the rope to hang onto.

    on another subject, I had an RCA 52″ big screen tv that I had since 2002. Let me go on record to say these days I believe that RCA stands for “Real Crappy Appliances” After moving to South Carolina this POS (piece of $hit) went on the blink the morning of opening day of Nascar season. I immediately drove to Georgetown to buy one so as not to miss atleast the last 50 laps of the race. Well as fate had it I bought an RCA 27 incher and came home with it. Well truth be it, It in turn broke before the 52 incher even got out of the “tv jailhouse” being repaired. My next thing was to go and buy a used JVC. A piece of advice..Dont waste money on used TVs at pawn shops. My 27″er was past the point of returning it to Walmart and the TV jailhouse said it was too new for parts to be made for it. I did what any other man in his right mind would do. I took it out to the back 40 and unloaded my 20 gauge pump on her. Every squeeze of the trigger felt so danged good.

    So..Okay you wonder where I’m headed with this story… well I got sick and danged tired of this tv (52′) making me manually get up and adjusting the volume or turning it on and off. Sometimes the vloume would just raise up and not go back down. I had enough..I did whatever any man in his right mind would do…I put her on Craigslist under the “free column” Only problem is I did it on a friday night (while still sick) at 8:58 pm. At 9:02pm the calls started coming in. I took the first call and it sounded like a nice woman that really wanted it. She offered to come right over in her Expedition. I explained tonight was not good for me as I was feeling under the weather and all and this tv was not going into her expedition unless I got my circular saw out to cut it up. I told her the next day I should be home around 4ish and if she had not found a truck yet I’d be glad to haul it free of charge being gas is all of $1.75 here in the ville. The whole time I was talking to her setting up the deal my cellphone was beeping away. I hung up with her and immediately turned my phone completely off so I could try and sleep. The next morning I woke up and signed online to find 18 emails from tv wanters and turned my phone on to have 14 voice mails. I’d of had more except my phone only holds 15 voice mails and one is being stored about a job I’m completeing in my side business.

   What I was about to hear on my phone would of made Adolph Hitler even come to tears. I heard all kinds of hardluck stories from Trailers that had half burned to the ground with you guess it the tv in that half. Others had stories of divorce with the spouse taking the tv but leaving the children. I also heard of people talking about how they were tired of watching their crappy 19 inch tvs and wanting to upgrade. One guy wanted me to take pictures of it so he could see if he was interested in it. Another wanted to come and see if he could fix it to decide then if he wanted to take it with him.

   The problem is once I cleared all those calls it filled back up again. All day my phone did nothing but ring. You’d a thought I was the local neighborhood crack dealer.

   So after laving the job from hell on saturday afternoon I came home to find my pickup with not only the stereo missing out of it but also someone had ramsacked my glove compartment Hope they liked all the Wendy’s napkins in it. They also left the door cracked enough to run down my battery. So with that I just had to jump start the battery. You know I’m not that upset with the stereo missing, its the going through my glove box that really chaps my booty. I mean that radio in my truck was right up there next to the 52″ tv in my book.

  I don’t know if anyone can tell, but I’m really trying to be a better boy living wise. Meaning trying not to cuss so much or drive over the speed limit and what not. Just keep in mind this, if you get a chance Look at Kenney Chessney’s video titled “Young” on Youtube.com and you’ll still see the playfull ol’ loveable Cowboy that is still “The Simple Man”



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