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A quick thought November 11, 2008

Posted by Glen in Uncategorized.

    Lately going into a grocery store is a lot like entering a foreign country, “enter at your own risk”. I mean they should seriously all have to fly the jolly roger flag outside as their all a bunch of pirates.

   I’m wondering when they’re going to offer a booth to pawn the title for your car as you enter so as to have enough to buy groceries.

   Tonight on my way home from work I went into my local Harris Teeter. First stop, the meat counter I asked the guy behind the counter for some pastromi, he reached for it and I saw what looked like the price tag of a brick of gold in front of it. Figuring it had to be misplaced I asked how much it was? He said $10.99, I asked “for the whole thing”? he laughed and said no, “The pound” I said That aint worth it.. His response was “it’s very good” I told him I could not bare to eat the stuff paying such an amount. I’d surely have to put it in the front window and display it to all passerbyers.

    My next stop was the frozen food section. A sarah lee cheese cake..8.99…Damn! A Mrs Paul’s Lemon Meringue Pie…$7.52 C’Mon….

   With the stock market tumbling because sales are down I can see why! I mean the reason prices skyrocketed in the first place was because fuel prices climbed so high. Now fuel is back down to a level we havent seen in a couple of years it’s high time we all did the same we did to the grocery stores as we did to the gas people. Stop buying so much at a time. Eat more left overs at home, if we have to buy anything, buy it from the local fruitstand or meat market. Sure they might be a slight bit higher, but yet once we do just that Mr Big Grocer will open their eyes to notice their sales are down and go out and hire some fance shmancy consulting firm to find out what happened. I heard on the news that we should not expect any relief from the grocery stores until someone (one of them) actually breaks their code and starts to lower prices. Then the rest of them will have to follow through and do the same. Thats a real crappy way to treat the american public I feel.



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