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Today.. October 25, 2008

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    Today was the day Maria and I went to place our marks in history. Land on Plymouth Rock you ask? Hardly not.. We drove over to the polling place in town and cast our votes for the upcoming election. I told her before getting there I need not know whom her choices are just pick with your heart and mind.

   On the way downtown we went through the traffic circle downtown with a gaggle of abortion protestors doing there thing and I waved to them as they were doing a good job.

  I have said things some think harsh but anyone that knows me personally knows I have a way with words sometimes that may come out wrong. Sometimes a whole phrase will sound harsh and to those I apologize.

  The subject could be most anything at times but in this case we’ll talk about abortions. I for one am “anti”. Now before you people go down to the local hardware store searching for bags of feathers and cans of roofing tar let me side step a bit… I’m sure theres a reason for one some time or another like we’ll say rape, or maybe theres no chance of the baby ever functioning to any capacity. But on the other hand some people choose abortion as birth control. I also some “politicians” use this as a good reason for allowing it so some may achieve abortion and not have babies to collect welfare benefits. My answer to that is this, allow families that are on welfare only so much putting a cap on the amount of dependants they can claim. If Joe and Josephine Jackass continue to produce children one or both had better land a lucrative job to take care of all those young’ns. Thats my spin on it.

  I have tried to adopt a child in the past and jumped through every hoop (some of them being circles of fire) and went to countless hours of classes took the tests crossed my “t’s” dotted my “i’s” and in the aftermath was offered a child that had severe disablities. I was happy at the offer, but it sent my now ex wife running for the hills. I honestly believe its much easier to “exterminate” a child than to go to the trouble of giving one a loving home with loving parents.

  If that doesn’t explain my personal feelings on abortion rights the feathers are on aisle 6 and the tar aisle 9 just remember to get 2 large buckets as I’m a pretty big guy.


October 20,1967 October 20, 2008

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     On the table in the dining room was a punch bowl containing punch made from ginger ale and orange sherbert. The guests started arriving around 5pm and my twin sister and I showed up in a rented 66 Hertz Mustang with my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Betty for the event.

  Walking inside the house I saw my mother with her hair all up in a nice hairdo wearing a light blue outfit and one of her good friends Patty (sort of an Ellie Mae Clampett type) there with her. She too was dressed nicely with a white dress on.

  A car pulls up with a family that was friend’s of our family in it. They were known to us as “The Callaways” and Brother Callaway came walking in with his Bible. I was young but knew something important was about to take place.

    Soon several others showed up for this event. After a while Brother Callaway says “Lets get this going” Mom appears from one of the rooms and Tom appears from another. We’dmet him before and had gone a few outing with. Being 6 years old and just starting elementary school Lynn and I had a lot going on in our little worlds and had not paid much attention.

 Tom had his hair all slicked back and combed with a wave in it. He was wearing a pair of dress slacks and a white button down shirt. Mom was 25 and Tom was 21.

    What was taking place was 2 young people starting a new life together. YES THEY WERE GETTING MARRIED! Lynn and I were excited yet sad about things. Happy to be starting a new life, Happy Mom had found  someone to love her and care for her after all these years of us going out on dates with her. We’d have someone we could call “Dad” and had asked us to do so as well. The bad was we had all our life known Mema and Grandaddy as our main leaders of our household. Things were about to change in a big way.

    We went home with our aunt and uncle after the ceremony to spend the night and then stay the rest of a few days with our grandparents.

   Over the years we saw and undying love within our parents. Even when there were diagreements you could tell our parents were in love.

  In 1998 God called Mom home to be with him, To this day Dad still sleeps with Mom’s slippers next to his pillow and awaits the day he’s too called home. He’s had some try and lure him they’re way but he only had eyes for Mom.

 On this day I’m sure Mom is in heaven looking down and smiling on Daddy and wishing he were there with her.