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Days past….. September 23, 2008

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   Here I am listening to some music on Myspace and tapping away on my computer keyboard. These past days I have been visiting the myspace page of the band ” The Outlaws” a southern rock band from the area of Florida I once resided in. Tampa….

   Listening to their brand of music and thinking how as a young man driving around the streets of Tampa late at night sometimes with my cousin Dale, then again sometimes by myself with their sounds booming from the 6×9’s in my old cutlass. Damn I really miss back home at times.

   Yes I seriously miss Charlotte feeling I was adopted by that great town after moving to North Carolina, Yes given the chance I’d move back their in a split second. But at the same token Tampa’s tuggin at my heart strings.

   If only living in Charlotte for a short time why am I so in love with the town? Well looking at the skyline its a lot like Tampa’s but cooler weather to boot. Heck their stadium was designed and built by the same company so their acutally twins of each other.

   The differences are as follows, If in Tampa everyone knew me. A trip to the grocery store would sometimes turn into a serious “hey can you tell me the price of (fill in blank of any automotive part here) and in Charlotte I was completely unknown. I could actually walk around the food lions or walmart without anyone asking me anything. It was like I was a ghost haunting the area.

  In Tampa I could wait till the last second to leave anywhere as I completely knew my way around. In Charlotte I had to leave atleast 30 minutes early to make up for getting lost everywhere I went. But the fun of it all was discovering so many pretty scenes and seeing so much. The countryside was so beautiful to say the least.

   So…where do I stand? Well lets say this….Charlotte was beautiful… but Tampa had the Outlaws….. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!! Southern style that is….LOL


A conversation September 16, 2008

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      On sunday evening I recieved a call from my twin sister. Apparantly she was in Atlanta meeting up with her “friend” that was also in town for a trade show. Her “friend” is involved with someone else that is “somethng hard to get out of” none the less sis I suppose wanted to get my spin on what she was doing…was it right or wrong? In not so many words.

     I told her not to worry sometimes a man and a woman happen along in the oddest times and while they are a wonderful match their pairings are not just right for the time, ( this isn’t sis’s first time with this gent and the first time he was sort of well “married”) but none the less that isn’t always the best situation either. I firmly believe that some aren’t always married to their perfect soulmate as well.

    Before she and I ended our phone conversation I told her this plain and simple. Sometimes things aren’t always perfect in any matter when it comes to affairs of the heart. Being human though and none of us being “perfect” we need to grasp onto what makes us happy when the heart is involved. What may not be acceptable to those around us should not matter to those that are in each other’s vision. What does all this banter mean? Just this, when two people fall in love with each other love is just that you two may be dancing to a tune no one else can hear as long as you make beautiful music together keep on doing so. I firmly believe that times there are perfect couples, its just not their perfect timing yet they should keep focused so that when the perfect timing happens God himself will smile upon them and grant them their spot.