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Okay Listen Up!! August 27, 2008

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      Title get your attention?

   Here’s where I either make friends with the 3 or so people that happen to read some of my bantering and piss off a great many of the ones that happen up on it by accident. None the less its my little piece of space and its high time I get this off my chest!

    What am I ranting about? The sad election approaching us. Lets face it lady and gentleman that reads my posts, we have bad news in one hand and yet more of it in the other. As in one of my favorite movies, “we have bad news and good news. Tonight’s dinner is horse shit, good news is we have plenty of it”

    What we have is an “okay” choice for a republican president. We have a terrible speciman on the stinking democratic side. Never guess I was a republican huh?

   The bad news in the democrat side is we have a 2 totally different groups setting up camp in camp le’democrat. We have the hard nosed honky’s that will vote only democrat even if ol’ satan himself crawled up out of hades and decided to run for the democrat ticket.

   Then we have the newcomers, the staunch Deocratic dark brothers and sisters saying “he’s our type” vote for ol’ Brother O’bama. What they’re missing is sure lets allow a nubian president but C”MON LETS FIND A GOOD ONE FIRST!!

 So as in my way of doing things I have come up with my own little way of defining what them good ol’ democrats are looking at. Here goes…

   for the white fellers imagine a cartoon showing a car lot with a far off setting 70 1/2 Z28 sitting on the back lot and they’re telling the lot feller yes I want that camaro sir and while the car lot guy is trying to explain that its really a 71 camaro with a blown up straight 6 in it and the previous owner made the split bumpers with a hack saw he bought down at the local Home Depot store, the old democrat doesn’t want to hear it. So here he ends up with just what he asked for something he thought was something that was absolutely NOTHING. POINT BLANK.

   Okay lets talk about the Darker side of the democratic camp the Brother’s and sister’s all wanting one of “their type” in the white house. Okay so lets put the same scenario into effect but lets make it of the ethinic variety.

   We’ll say “The Young Brother” goes to a car lot much like the other democrat did but this one caters to the customer wanting a larger sedan jacked up in the air with huge chrome wheels and little spinning fan blades on each rim. He immediately flys off the handle wanting this said masterpiece. As the salesman is trying to explain this duece and a quarter has been slammed from the rear and there is a family of racoons living inside it, the customer demands to make purchase as its just what he wants.

   Okay so each of these stories are a little far fetched to say the least, but I honestly believe thats how each of these examples of democrats are thinking. They see therefore they want is the attitude.

   Please let me point out I have no issues with a black man in the white house, but please lets don’t just pick the one at stake because he’s the only one on the ticket. Being a republican I’ll be the first to say that we ourselves do not have a good choice as well. In fact I feel Homer Simpson could win the office if he ran. This might of been Perot’s year I believe.

   So…. in closing I hope we definately look and make a wise choice (if there is one this time around) and lets hope if nothing else in 4 years the choices will be better.  Lets face it at this point were staring at a vending machine with all the sold out lights lit except the prune juice surprise flavor.


August 19, 1969 August 19, 2008

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         39 years ago I remember it well. My mema came and took care of my twin sister Lynn and I as well as our almost 1 year old little brother Tommy. To this day I didn’t know at the time what was going on. I knew my mom and dad were away and Mema needed to come look after us. 39 years ago Lynn and I woke up sleeping with Mema on a love seat we had in our middle room of our old cement block house in Dover.

    I remember breakfast consisted that morning of a bag of the still produced to this day “Sweet 16” chocolate doughnuts and some good old cold chocolate milk to wash it down.

   Later that day our dad came home and told us we now had another set of twins in the family. Laura and Bobby were born. I was amazed to say the least.

  The years went on past and poor Bobby and Laura dealt with sicknesses like strep throat and the likes. I played a good many of pranks on them and loved em all along.

    Laura liked playing with dolls and Bobby loved watching tv with shows like star trek and different western movies.

   Growing up Laura moved out and lived with Lynn and her family, Bobby became somewhat worldly working for a man setting up fruit stands and taking care of business for him.

   Well here it is todays their birthdays, This morning I sent Laura a goofy Myspace birthday comment telling her how I wished I could still find the birthday card I gave her so many years in a row. It featured a knarly looking man in a tank top with his arms behind his head and it read “Happy Freaking Birthday” then later in the morning I called her to wish her a happy one over the phone.

   After hanging up I realized how empty life seems wishing so badly I could do the same for my brother Bobby as he’s now serving active duty as an angel in heaven. I thought about that and luckily no one was around me at work as I sat and wept for a while wishing for a miracle that would turn back the hands of time and he’s not be gone on to the great beyond. How I’d love to just grab him atleast one more time and squeeze him telling him how much I love him and apologize for all the pranks I pulled off on him as we grew up.

   I do know this, if the good lord above would turn all those thoughts I’ve had over the past 19 years into steps in a stair case I could walk up and see my beautiful sibling and tell him so. God how I look forward to my last day knowing I’ll be up to see my loved ones afterwards.

  Happy Birthday Laura and Bobby!