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Passing of a dear friend of a friend July 8, 2008

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        This morning I recieved a message from a dear friend saying their beloved cat “Katie” had passed on to a better life. She was very gloomy and that was very understandable. Che and her husband are a LOT like me in that retrospect, I don’t quite know what I’d do if something happened to my “lil man” I’d be beside myself.

       I offered her my condolences and we spoke about the rainbow bridge all pets go to and play and don’t suffer any longer while they wait till their loving parents come to get them and take them home for ever. The place I’m speaking of is heaven. I honestly believe all animals go there even though I’m more than sure the line of clergymen would be endless waiting to tell me how crazy I am. Well I’ll have to say that anyone that wears the “cloth” and doesn’t think its true that our beloved pets have souls and go to the same heaven as us needs to go back for retesting in their field of employment.

     How can God Almighty create such a loving being as our puppies and kitties and not give them a soul? PULEASE!!

     Just think of it, he creates a being that loves us no matter how smart or ignorant we may be, how pretty/handsome or homely/butt ugly we may be. They spend most of their lives awaiting our return when we leave them. Yes Chrissy there is a heaven waiting for you and Katie Girl. For now she’s nestled upon the bank under the rainbow bridge patiently cat napping and waiting on you and Howard to come scoop her up and take her home with you. God Bless you guys in your time of bereavment.

    Katie Girl Rest In Peace….