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Happy Mother’s Day to My Angel May 11, 2008

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     This post post was going to be a long one with a lot about my mom. Unfortunately she’s no longer walking this earth yet she has moved on to a much better place. A place she can always be and no longer endure the day to day pains of diabetis and heart problems. That place is of course heaven, but she also occupies another place as well, that is my mind. Not a day goes by I don’t think of my dearly departed mom. A many a time I wanted to reach for the phone to call her as I have done in the past and stop and realize she’s not there anymore. What do I do, I simply close my eyes and think my thoughts to her or at times I speak out to her. Sometimes you can find me in my car with no noise from the radio just me speaking to my mother. Sometimes just rehashing a problem thats been troubleling myself or just telling her that I love her.

  For the few that may stumble upon this please if your moms still alive, go see her today if she’s a distance away, atleast pick up the phone and dial her up. I promise that this one day will surely bring a smile to the two of you.

   Go forth with this advice and do what I wish I could do at this time……