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10 Years ago today April 25, 2008

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   Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of my best friend in the whole universe. This was one in ten zillion friends that sometimes upset me yet I still loved unconditionally.

  In my book this indivigual was cool even if at times they weren’t setting the highbar of “coolness” The kind of person that had 2 little kids (twins) out of wedlock and presented them everywhere she went. One that would take them wherever be it a date or a funeral or any other function.  If I seem to be running in circles please forgive me as I am writing this trying to be gleefull on the outside yet inside I’m crying like a baby.

  In case your wondering, this “best friend” happens to be my late mother. You wonder why I’m trying to be gleefull on the inside, because today is also my wife’s mother’s birthday as well.

  My mom would take us everywhere when we were little kids. I remember a many a date she went on to the drive in movies my sister Lynn and I were always part of the package deal. I also remember a time she was called to sing at one of the parishoners funeral from our church. We went along and stood with her behind the curtain as she sang a hymm at the service.

  I also remember her getting her first and only speeding ticket. They had bought a second (or third) hand 1968 Cadilac sedan deville and we were just cruising along South Dover Road listening to a top 40’s radio station, just her my sis and I coming from dropping my dad at work. She never listened to that kind of music around my dad, ( she was being cool with her young teen twins) and low and behold passed by a cop going 60 in a 45. My mom was devastated to say the least after signing the summons.

  Thinking back to this day a decade ago, I was working at my office job at Auto Parts Warehouse, My mom had called me around 4:30ish and asked if I was going to still bring her a pizza from my best friend Barry’s pizzeria. I assured her yes. Before hanging up she told me as always she loved me, but for some reason this time really stood out to me. As always I returned the “I Love You Too” to her and hung up. I left work ordering the pizza from Barry and went to go pick up the daughter of whom I was dating at that time.

  After arriving to pick up the little girl Lynn my twin called and said ” Hey Glen, Moms on her way to the hospital” I asked are you sure, she replied that something had happened and it was probably something minor with her diabetes or something and she would probably be released not long after arriving. I told her I would get there as soon as we dropped Nina off at her grandmothers. A few minutes later Lynn again called me saying it appeared it was more important. I called Barry and cancelled the pizza and made my way to the hospital. I remember it was a friday, (like today) warm and speeding through rush hour traffic to get there.

  Upon arriving I was told I could go into this little waiting room with the rest of my family, I thought thats nice as I hate sitting in hospital emergency waiting rooms. Going into the room I saw the rest of my family in there. Not long after my arrival a nurse came in and said she had no news but would be back soon to update us. After a couple more visits every 15 or so minutes she came back in with a very tired eyed looking surgeon at her side.

   He informed us he had some news for us and that it wasn’t good but on the other hand she was not suffering any longer. At first I thought, “Okay so moms going to be a little slow but I still love her anyway”. I was okay with that. All of a sudden my little sister Laura blurted out in tears and at that point I realized my best friend / mom had passed away. I felt the whole room drift below my feet and felt as if I was in the room floating. I remember looking down and saw the hurt on everyone’s face including my own. I was having my second in a lifetime out of body experience.

   All of a sudden I was back in my own body and realized “My God I’ll Never BE ABLE TO TALK TO HER AGAIN! She’ll never be the brunt of my little pranks I’d pull on her and all that. I felt my legs starting to give away under me as I was about to faint. I leaned back against the cool walls of the room and just sat there for what seemed like eternity.

   The nurse asked if we’d all like to go see her one last time before leaving the hospital, I said YES before anyone had a chance to answer. We went into the room that my dear mother had left us in and looked at her lifeless body looking as if she had fought till the bitter end to stay alive.

   At that point we all held hands and said a prayer over her poor body and went on from that. The next day I went to my job and informed my very difficult boss that I was only working till noon and then leaving. The woman looked at me and said why on earth would you even come into my office without even knocking and tell me such a line of bullshit. I explained to her what had happened and she got all teary and said Darling why are you even here at all? I explained I needed to earn every penny I could and that I could sit home and think of it and cry or come to work and atleast get paid between sobs. She in turn called all my clients and threatened each one if they so even tried to upset me that day. At that moment I saw a total different side of this woman that I had ever seen, as well as my staff and clients as well.

  There is so much more I can write about this and as for typos please forgive, I am still pretty tore up as I finish this off.

  All I want to say as I end this is just this…Please! if your mom’s still alive, Please call her and tell her you love her for me. Remember her on Mother’s day and holidays and for God’s sakes if your at any kind of difference with her, go make up with her. Remember, I have to go visit mine on holidays at the cemetery.

 I MISS YOU MOM!!!! Your oldest son still loves you…….

 A Simple Man