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19 years Ago February 19, 2008

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       Today is a bittersweet day in my life. 19 years ago this morning my brother’s oldest daughter Sarah was born. This evening at 6:18pm will mark yet another anniversary, the death of my youngest brother Bobby…………. To some last year or for that matter last week may seem like it was a lifetime ago, even to me. There are times I could not tell you what I was doing 3 days ago, but I Can tell you what happened that very day 19 years ago. if not for being a boring day I could. I can say this, it wasn’t one of my better days that day all the way up till I got the news from my mom that evening.

    Like a many a old timer I can relate to that day just as my granddaddy could tell me exactly where and what he was doing the day that Kennedy was shot. I can say that morning I for the first time stopped and listened to the words of the song “In The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics. I can say I was having an exceptionally bad day trying to hang a door on a project camaro that was really giving me hell with fitting. I can say I had picked up a heads up penny that day thinking I would have good luck. I can say i had just gone inside to have dinner and watch my favorite sunday night sitcom and plan on going back outside to finish the job afterwards. I can say I heard Deb my wife at the time say something and I went into the kitchen asking her what she had said to see my mother walking through the laundry room door with a really bad look on her face. I asked her what they were doing over at that time in the evening. Through the sobs and tears in her eyes she exclaimed “Bobby’s Dead”. At that moment I felt the most hurtfull truest pain I had ever experienced up until that moment I honestly felt as if I had had my heart torn from my body and a knife in my throat at the same time. I broke out into the longest lasting and still affecting to this day cry I had ever imagined. 

    To this day i still have to come to grips with myself and realize he’s not here everytime I think of him and our little pranks we pulled off on each other, (mostly me on him).

     So, I say this to you little brother…Your there now keeping the loved ones entertained in heaven above till the Master of Pranks in the Keller family arrives some day soon. So I’ll call you the warm up act…okay by you?

    I look so forward to the day I walk through those pearly gates to see you standing there within all those people with your cardboard sign saying Keller with maybe the “R” turned backwards to make me smile. I look forward to seeing your boyish smile and stick out your right thumb and ask “Going West” At that point I’ll shed no more tears as I am as I write this and try not to awaken Maria from her sleep.

  Rest In Peace Little Brother..I Love and Miss You Terribly.

 A Simple Man


Did you put something in that jug??? February 12, 2008

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   Hey everyone, I haven’t been posting much with the new job and all. I mean the hours aren’t all that long as per say, its just add in the hour each way commute and you find your working 12 hour days 5 straight.

   Anyhow, heres a quick recent story….

 On saturday Maria was doing her weekly cleaning routine, you know the drill getting laundry ready to be done at the mat and pouring clorox into the toilet, did I say clorox?

    Being a man of the south I do a good bit of pan frying here at the Keller household, (yes I do most of the cooking, its good therapy for me) and I from time to time empty my grease dripping can into a larger (clorox) bottle by the back kitchen door.

     Well Maria has been using the same said bottle to pour into the commode to help sanitze it not known by me. On saturday she came in and asked “honey have you been putting something into the bleach jug lately”, I asked what bleach jug? she referred to the “Dollar store” brand I had sitting on the kitchen floor by the back door. I replied yes thats where I put the grease drippings from the bacon grease. She said but you have a coffee can on the stove for that. I said yes but do you think its a bottomless can?

    At that point she started to laugh I asked whats wrong with you? She then told me how for a couple of weeks she had been pouring my grease into the toilet and using it to help keep the bowl clean. She was going to request I no longer buy the “dollar store” brand as it doesn’t do quite the job she was looking for. Today she was going to report to me that there was black specks in it and wanted me to make sure not to buy that brand any longer…Of course I had a good laugh at her on that one. I then thanked her for not cleaning the tub with the same bleach….

 Just another day in the life of a simple man….. 10-4 were out..