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Behind the scenes of a perfect wedding? January 17, 2008

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   Okay all of my friends know I just tied the knot with Maria. It was a perfectly executed wedding wasn’t it? Well heres some behind the scenes tidbits that didn’t quite go perfect. But having a Great group of friends made it that way (Perfect) Read on……

   To start off with but not neccesarily in order though….

 Tod (from St Louis) showed up on saturday with my advice there would be ample time from his plane landing in Raliegh and his drive to Fayeteville would only take Oh about 45 minutes. In reality I must of bumped my head as its really a 90 minute ride, (just goes to show if your driving in a mustang the world just seems more rosier than to others) so he got there in the middle of rehearsal. He’s such a trooper he just fit right in and performed flawlessly. BUT..Upon arriving on the wedding day, his tuxedo had a totally different colored vest and tie. In fact his tie was not even a bowtie. Effie the planner got on the horn and got that all fixed in just the nick of time.

   Upon arriving at the church, my nephew “Ralphie” noticed a hug rip down the side of my vest. Good news is marrying into a greek family is if one of em doesn’t own or run a restaurant the other is a seamstress. A little while after the discovery everything was as good as new.

  Little Johnny (real name here) the ring bearer was so nervous, he had a little bag under his vest for which to throw up in just incase he became overwhelmed in excitement. I found that out the day after the wedding. Upon getting to the front of the ceremony he became upset and started to cry. I on the other hand didn’t even notice it. His mom came to the front and consoled him till he got over it all.

  The next thing was my youngest nephew Robert (named after my beloved late brother Bobby “going west post”) he is 9 years old. He was doing well with transporting the candle honoring my late mother to the front. After standing up front for what I felt was eternity ( Greek wedding ceremonies last 45 minutes as long as the preist doesn’t get long winded) Robert starting shifting from one foot to the other. I was about to follow suit with him myself.

   After the ceremony Maria and I make it to the front of the church to form a receiving line. One of the directors Cathy comes to us and says we might need to not do our first dance before cutting the cake as there might be a problem. After Maria asking whats the matter, she says oh never mind and walks away. More on this in a moment.

  We finally personally greet over 200 guests in the chapel (the other 125 are in the reception hall getting started on tanking themselves before the gala event takes off) we then move to the front of the church to start what felt like a photo shoot only the brightest star would ever endure. You could tell our photographer was using a digital camera as if had been a film camera there’d a been an 18 wheeler backed to the front door to hold all of the rolls of film he’d of needed. I in turn start to get cranky as my feet are starting to kill me. That ended pretty quickly after “cutting a promo” on bridezilla…just kidding baby…lol

  Speaking of my feet hurting, the nice shiny shoes issued to us from the tuxedo folks are the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE I have worn in all my 46 years living. I strongly believe that is done so to keep one from stealing them. I stepped on a grain of sand and swear I felt it through the soles of the shoe. After checking with the others they too felt the same way. No disrespect to Les but he only felt the pain in one foot as one is actually a prostetic leg…just kidding with you Les don’t take it personal. After studying Tod and noticing he was not complaining, I noticed he had in fact changed into his work boots and had them on with his tuxedo. I too wished I had brought my New Balances with me.

    Cathy reappeared and asked if we were about to be done with the photos as they needed us to get in the reception and hurry to cut the cake as her husband Nicko was supporting it. The table leg that held the cake was collapsing and it was in danger of falling. We rushed to the reception hall to get in after being announced to cut the cake before it had to be served off the floor.

   As the bridal party was being announced by our cousin “Chief Nick” I found I needed to go to the bathroom. So I ran over to it, after a short (Not) moment Maria’s asking Honey are you ready their stalling on announcing us waiting on you. I swear I could not get myself back to what I felt was right with all the garb a groom wears these days. After getting myself straight I rushed out the bathrrom door like a kid running to class tardy. We are announced and walk in to the Air Supply song “two less lonely people in the world” and are led over th the cake to cut it. I did not smear the cake in Maria’s face and she was nice enough not to do the same to me. The cake is rushed away so as to be served.

  After the cutting we do our first dance together and eat. After eating our dinner we cut into the Greek square dancing (atleast thats what I refer to it as being) I am approached by someone that someone may of had a heart attack over by the lounge. I immediately break away from the dance to go check this out. I find a relative of a friend had an issue with the lack of food intake that day and being he was diabetic had an attack of anxiety. Anyone that knows me knows I have done the same. The fire department is summoned along with an ambulance. The gentleman goes on to the hospital only to be checked out and calls and asks his family to pick him up so he may return to the wedding.

   Before the ceremony I am approached by one of the videographers (cousin Jamie) and am handed 3 candy coated almonds to put in my pocket. I ask what the reason is and he says “I dunno” I ask the priest and he too does not know. So as time wears on I eat them thinking they must be for incase my own sugar starts to drop. At the reception I am approached by my godmother Elaine and asked for them. I rub my stomach and inform her I had ate them. She burts out “You Ate My Man! I say what? she says I was supposed to hold them in my pocket through out the ceremony and she was to take them from me and put them under her pillow and whomever she dreamed about was to be her husband. After our laughter she informs me I am to report to her about whomever I dream about for the next few nights. The other day I told her I keep dreaming about a black man hung like a donkey….

    I am sure there were more to write about but time is catching up on me and my memory doesn’t seem to remember any else so I’ll leave it at that. Sure a lot of little things happened not so right, but all in all it was an affair that many enjoyed and still talk about when they catch Maria and I out and about.

   One of the big events I just remembered about came from my godmother Elaine’s father Tommy. I was so out to lunch I did not hear it was he that was announced that was going to say  few words that day. I actually thought it was going to be Maria’s godfather Jimmy, (he and I seem to hardly ever see eye to eye). Tommy got up to the microphone and started talking and announced that he had known Maria since she was a little girl. He went on to say after seeing “my young boyish smile” he knew Maria had made a good choice, and after seeing me break a sweat at our annual spaghetti dinner he knew I was “The One” for her. I turned to see my godfather and it just brought such a smile to my face. God I love those people. The problem we have when going to eat at their restaurant is they won’t let us pay for our food. But its nice to feel like family though.

  As I said I am sure there’s more to add, but for now I’ll leave it at this.