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Just been a little busy December 19, 2007

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    Hey to my friends that read my posts, all like 2 of you..lol I am working on a couple of doozies that I’ll be posting soon and I’m sure one of em will give you a chuckle.

    As for me I finally found a job and I’ll be starting it after returning back from my honeymoon on the 8th.

  Yes I finally found a decent sounding job! I about fainted when the lady told me yes. I went and applied for a service writer’s job and walked out the manager of their parts department. Yes, its a chevrolet dealer, I just hope they never catch a glimpse of my upper right arm and see the Ford blueoval I have tattooed on there…LOL No I’m not kidding about that either! As many of my closest friends know I am a true Ford man. Call me a redneck if you will, but thats just me.

   I have also been very busy working over at my future brother in law’s house painting and doing fixups for him. One thing I learned about myself, If I had to paint houses for a living I’d definately turn into a raging alcoholic. Its safe to say I’d sooner take it up the rear than paint for a living folks. 

    I have definately reserved my painting skills for either a loved one or someone I’m sleeping with. And the list of those loved ones is a might bit short, so if this ol’ boy was painting for you, theres a good chance we’d have to be sleeping together…LOL

    Also I have been getting my apartment ready for visitors coming for the wedding and Maria’s moving in solid and not just the weekend gig anymore. Like what? well with a couple of single guys living here things can go awry easily. Cleaning up after my room mate (Milton) can be a full time job in itself. Then theres the raking of the yard and trimming the hedges outside as well as mopping the floors and such.

   So with that said I’ll bid you a “till next post” and I also wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends out there.

 A Simple Man… over and out