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The saga continues June 27, 2007

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  As I had left off, I come from a very poor family from a small farming town in florida. Growing up, I was led down the path that a many a small town boy went. But on the way I found the path full of pitfalls that i chose not to fall into. These pitfalls included consumption of smokeless tobacco products that leave the little round marks in your back levi’s pocket and others including the kinds you chew and spit. You get the picture.. Yes I chose to not be so cool as to partake in these things. Also being from this back ground we were all taught to believe we were not supposed to get along with certain kinds of folks. Well once again I chose not to march to the beat of that drummer. Yes to some, I was the picture of “uncool” but I feel by today’s standards I’m way ahead of the game. I found I could learn to find good in most any person if given the time to make my own analyzations. Which today I’m heavily accused of anaylizing way too much. But I feel love me for who and how I am. How many people do you know personally that can try and find good in everyone in some sort of way? To be this way makes for a hard time, because I feel I am like the preverbial pack rat of souls. Meaning I hate to trash anyone as I know everyone no matter how bad or ugly has a shiny good side to them.

  Okay enough you say…

   Born in august of 1961 I was raised along with my twin sibling by my single mother and her parents. We lived with my Mema and Grand Daddy till my mom met the love of her life in 1967. Sure there were dates here and there with fellows, and believe it or not, my sis and I went on a few of them with her. But the man she met in 1967 was the one for her. At first sis and I were devestated that we were having to leave the only house we had ever called home from the watchfull eye of our beloved grandparents, but I suppose progress brings that on, (not to mention marriage). My mom married my adopted ( and the only dad I ever will recognize) at the house we moved to on October 20th 1967.  Times were tough from the beginning, I took a many a ass kicking while sis gave a many of em out to the ones administering them to me. We were certainly a force to be reckoned with. I could give you the tongue lashing of your life, and she could dish out the ass whipping to go along with it…LOL

 Going through elementary school was tough for me, even though sis and I went to the same school I was the poorest kid in school I felt. I was the boy everyone made the brunt of the jokes of. It was tough and to be truthful, had I known about the word or actions of suicide at a young age, I might of been a statistic for the year of 1970. But the Good Lord brought me through it. Growing up I was a lot like Kevin Arnold off of The Wonder Years, only difference is I was the older brother. The man I called my father (and still do even though i many a year later discovered who the real one was) was my Wayne Arnold. I was the brunt of his picking on me and his cruel jokes. But I feel by being able to deal with it, made me a better guy in the long run.


Getting to know me… June 12, 2007

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    Who is this man Glen? I feel the old saying “to know me is to love me” is a good way to describe me. Yes I am proud at times, yet very down on myself at others. Sometimes i think i’m a very handsome gent, while other times i’m as homely as the day is long. We all have those days don’t we?  To get to know me better we need to go to the beginning and skip around some, why you ask? Because thats how I feel my mind works best. Anyone that knows me well knows I can be talking just as present timed as a few minutes ago, and in the next breath i’m talking about a few years ago.

   So lets start off as a child, of course we won’t stay in the early years or i might forget where were headed to…

  I was born a twin to a sister born a couple of minutes in front of me to a single mother living at home with her parents. My grandparents, we’ll call Mema and Grand Daddy.

  Mema worked at a meat packing plant from the day it opened to the day it closed. Grand Daddy was a self employed well driller and an honest man very hard working. My twin Lynn and I used to go with him to get the location of the well to be drilled and he always seemed to either know the person or perhaps know someone that the person he was meeting knew as well. If he knelt down on one knee catcher style we knew for god’s sake we were there for a while and thought why didn’t we just stay at home…

  So where am i headed to with all this? Everywhere, to know me is to love me as i said. And to know me we need to know every little detail i am thinking.

  A little tidbit about me as we go along, I love all people, I tend to believe everyone in this world no matter how rich, poor, mean or nice, fat or skinny or of any background has something good about them. Some are just a little deeper in there prospective souls than others.

   Being a white man from the south, a lot of the guys I would normally hang out with feel if a person is different than them, we should automatically start disliking them much like most assume dogs dislike cats. Well I march to the beat of a different drummer.

  I tend to get along well with all walks of life, I do not however get along with anyone thats fake or patronizing to me. Yes i’d sooner have someone be themselves to me nice or mean and mean it, then to have someone that totally dislikes me act as if we went to separate high schools together.

Hello world! June 7, 2007

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